Saturday, October 25, 2014

Playing through a $3000 amplifier

I've always wanted to play through an expensive boutique amp to see what they are all about. I finally got my chance the other night.

My Band, The Hip Swayers shared the stage recently with another local band, Cosmic Slim and His Intergalactic Plowboys (love the name!). We shared equipment given the size of the stage, and I was fortunate enough to be able to play through a Tone King Metropolitan. Amazing amp.

Based on 60's and 50's era Fender amps, the Metropolitan had a presence that none of my amps have (including my '72 Vibrolux). I was in tonal nirvana. 

One channel could be set-up as a typical blackfaced Fender, and the second channel could be set-up with the kind of overdriven sound you might get out of a 50's era tweed Fender or with the midrange bite control, a smaller Marshall combo. 

From beautiful "chimey" cleans, to slight break-up to full blown, cranked up distortion, this amp had it all. But at $2999 ($2200 to $2500 used), it will most likely remain as the "experience I once had with a great amp." 

More info:
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