Monday, May 9, 2016

More about solid-state

There's always been a tube vs solid state debate among guitarists concerning amps. I've used both (see my blog about the Fender Mustang and Tone King).

A good solid-state amp is usually less expensive and lighter than a comparable tube amp. My tube Vox AC30CC1 weighed 65lbs and my Fender Mustang II was about 22lbs. I eventually traded the Vox for a much lighter Deluxe Reverb (which led to the Mustang). More recently, I bought a Quilter 101 mini-head, a light solid-state amp that fits into my gear bag or even on to a pedal board. Quilter claims it's amps are "everything you love about tube tone without the tradeoffs or hassles."

Saturday night I took my Quilter on it's first gig and paired it up with my pedal board (Digitech delay, Digitech reverb, Boss Harmonizer, Joyo Ultimate Drive and a tuner). The amp combined with the Ultimate Drive rocked!

With just a little gain on the pedal and the amp on the "surf" setting, I was getting Roy Buchanan like tones from my Telecaster.

So far, I'm sold!

More info:
Quilter 101 mini-head